Executive Board

Hannes Niederhauser

Hannes Niederhauser | CEO

Hannes Niederhauser started his S&T engagement in 2011. Following his studies in Electrical Engineering at the Graz University of Technology, the Austrian-born manager progressed in the fields of microchips and embedded computing. Before joining S&T, Niederhauser has been the main shareholder and CEO of Kontron AG from 1999 to 2007, which became the world’s largest provider in the field of embedded computing. Hannes Niederhauser is consistently driving S&T's transformation from an IT service provider to a leading provider of IoT solutions.

Richard Neuwirth

Richard Neuwirth | CFO

Richard Neuwirth has degrees in jurisprudence and business administration. He began his career as a lawyer working for a Vienna-based firm. He joined S&T in 2006, and has held a variety of management positions at it, with these including managing director of S&T Bulgaria and country manager and sales director of S&T Austria. As of July 2013, Neuwirth became the company's CFO. In June 2017 he was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board.

Peter Sturz

Peter Sturz | COO, Services EE

Peter Sturz has been with S&T since 2007 and became member of the management board in 2008, before that he managed the Adriatic Region. Sturz began his career at Allgemeine Bausparkasse as a member of the board responsible for Sales, Marketing and IT. Before joining S&T he was as member of the managing board of CSC-Austria with responsibilities for Austria and Central Europe.

Michael Jeske

Michael Jeske | COO, Services DACH

Michael Jeske - CEO of S&T AG since mid-2009 - gathered extensive experience in the area of technology after obtaining a technical degree at the university and was also Vice President Operations at Kontron AG. He has years of management experience in the IT industry behind him and has distinguished himself professionally, particularly in the areas of development, production and quality assurance.

Carlos Queiroz

Carlos Queiroz | COO IoT Europe

Carlos Queiroz has been active in the embedded industry for over 30 years and started his career as a development engineer. At Kontron he held a variety of management positions and was the Managing Director of the German GmbH organization from 2000 to 2015. In 2015 he joined the S&T Group assuming a Managing Director position before he was appointed to the Management Board.

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